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Hi, I’m @brenda_cruis blog I’m 44 years old, mother of a beautiful daughter named Silvia. I live in Italy in a beautiful city called Florence.

I’d like to tell a little about my life as a cruiser. I state that I have always dreamed of traveling the sea, but let’s say that for multiple commitments and impediments, I realized this dream only a few years ago. So I made the first cruise in 2017 in the Western Mediterranean with Costa Diadema and I immediately fell in love with it. Costa Diadema is a ship (Dream class). It has been completed in 2014 which at the time was the largest ship ever built (flying the Italian flag). It has a length of 306 m and a width of 37 meters, it can accommodate about 5 thousand guests. Beautiful itinerary Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Cagliari, Palermo, Civitavecchia. A week of Christmas full of entertainment, fun, and relaxation.

Returning home I booked the Greek Islands for August 2018 with an itinerary that includes Kefalonia, Myconos, Santorini, always with Costa, but with a different ship that’s called Costa Luminosa. This ship is slightly smaller, but at the same time very spacious. I had a great time, top staff, delicious food. I highly recommend Greece for the unique sea, climate and culture. And as if it wasn’t enough, i booked and other cruise, this time to the Emirates, seeing Dubai, Sir Bani Island, Muskat, Abu Dhabi with the ship Costa Mediterranea, which is the smallest ship I’ve been on so far but, the prettiest.

It looks like a 1800s castle. Dubai is a fascinating city, ultra-modern and incredibly big. Abu Dhabi is a very big city as well, containing one of the prettiest mosques around the world, it really is breathtaking. I really suggest the Emirates for those who want to taste the ancient and modern at the same time, they have a very fascinating story. Although the ship is not one of the biggest, it offers a really particular thing. You can walk from the bow to the stern without having to change floors. It can be done on one of the top floors on the outside of the ship. This ship offers quality service to all of the passengers. Now this is my fourth cruise, in Northern Europe which occurred in September 2019, I’ve taken the ship called Costa Pacifica.

It’s a transatlantic cruise that lasted 14 days. Costa Pacifica is known as the ship of music, you can hear the music from every angle of the ship. The main theme being music, it has all of its decorations based on it. The ship has also a studi where you can register your own music CD. It’s a medium-big ship. In January of 2020 I made a cruise with Costa Magica in The Caribbean (Lesser Antilles). It Is a medium-big ship as well, very lovely. What can I say about the Caribbean? You need to be there yourself to comprehend it’s beauty and nature of those islands. The Caribbean music is wonderful and so is the food. The people are very welcoming and kind. I have booked two more cruises with Costa for 2020, one for Iceland in July, and the second one in December in the Western Mediterrain with the new ship Costa Smeralda, an ultra-modern ship and also one of the biggest ships. It can have up to 7 thausand passengers. All of this would be great, if COVID-19 would allow it. I wrote this brief summary in a very generic way about the cruises I’ve made until now. If you wish to know something more about the itineraries and the ships in a more detailed way you can leave a comment.

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